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Imprinted Products — (l)(m)(s) indicate image size, NOT product size. Duvet:King, Queen, Twin

  • Device cases
  • iPhone 5 4 default
  • iPad 
  • Samsung 
  • iPod Touch 
  • Wearable
  • Hoodie pullover zipped
  • T-shirt will be default shirt
  • Baby 
  • Tote (m) rack off
  • Tote (s) rack off
  • Home decor
  • Duvet cover (l)
    K Q T
  • Duvet cover (m)
    K Q T
  • Duvet cover (s)
    K Q T
  • Throw Pillow / Cushion (l)
  • Throw Pillow / Cushion (m)
  • Throw Pillow / Cushion (s)

Specialty Prints — (l)(m)(s) indicate image size, NOT print size. Framed mats options White, Black

  • Special
  • Card 
  • Postcard 
  • Sticker 
  • Framed
  • Black Frame, mat: W B
  • Cherry Frame, mat: W B
  • Walnut Frame, mat: W B
  • Mocha Frame, mat: W B
  • Unframed
  • Canvas
  • Art Print
  • Metal
  • Poster

Display Images, only — (l)(m)(s)(xs) indicate image size

  • Full Scale
  • Feature (l)
  • Feature (m)
  • Feature (s)
  • Thumnails
  • Thumb (m)
  • Thumb (s)
  • Thumb (xs)

Code Options: title, byline, pricing, html
pricing is limited to Imprinted Products and Specialty Prints

  • Add:
  • title & byline
  • price
  • sizes
  • description
  • html