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Imprinted Products
iPhone case
Default Hoodie MUST be default tee
Default T-shirt MUST be default tee
Throw Pillow - medium
Throw Pillow - small
Tote Bag - medium, peg-racked other
Tote Bag - small, peg-racked other

Prints and Cards
Black Frame, wt mat blk mat
Cherry Frame, wt mat blk mat
Walnut Frame, wt mat blk mat
Mocha Frame, wt mat blk mat
Art Print

Displays Pricing option not available
Feature - small
Feature - medium
Feature - large
Thumbnail - xsmall
Thumbnail - small
Thumbnail - medium

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add price
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Pillow and Tote sizes represent image size, NOT product size.

Some products may not be available. If the code box, below, is blank, after a few seconds from submission, check the error at the top of the page and choose another format!

  • If a product type is not offered for sale, it will no longer be displayed, and an error will be generated.
  • Any error messages will appear at the top of the page, in red.
  • Title and artist are not added for small/xsmall thumbnails.
  • Prices are now optionally available for specific product images (not features/thumbnails). Title and artist name are always listed above the price, as a courtesy, whether requested or not. The price will not be red (as in our preview)
  • HTML code is now available. Be sure to copy the proper code (RB or HTML) for your intended use.

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